Hello, I’m Cushico,

A cheerful little lion who wants to be your friend.
If you want to cuddle, hold my paw and place your head on my soft cushion.
Take me with you when you travel, because I’m Cushico and I love to be with you!


Cushico is the cuddle cushion that gives children something loved and familiar when they experience an exciting or stressful event, such as a sleepover, their first day at daycare, hospitalisation or after a divorce.

The cuddle cushion consists of a large and a small cushion, attached together by a yellow band of fabric. The large cushion is soft and comfy to lie on, and the lion’s paw print on the small cushion invites your child to hold it.

Each Cushico cuddle cushion is unique, because you can have it made with your own fabrics. For example, your child’s old favourite pyjamas or a (soft) piece of clothing belonging to you or your partner or ex. You can choose the colour of the lion’s paw print on the small cushion yourself. With nine colours to choose from there is always a colour to match your fabric. You can also have a cuddle cushion made from your own fabric in combination with a Cushico fabric. Everything’s possible, because each cushion is lovingly made by hand in Utrecht.

Of course, you can also order a cuddle cushion without providing your own fabric. In that case we’ll make the cuddle cushion using the cheerful striped fabric for the front and the lion paw print fabric for the back. You can choose the lion’s paw print on the small cushion in your child’s favourite colour.

A matching bag comes along with the Cushico cuddle cushion, to keep the cuddle cushion clean and safe. The bags are also unique because the labels on the bag are made from the same fabric as the cuddle cushion, so you always know which cushion belongs with which bag.

What is needed in order to make your personal Cushico cuddle cushion:

If you want to have the Cushico cuddle cushion made using your own fabric, I recommend using only soft (ecological) 100% cotton fabrics, such as cotton flannel, cotton satin or cotton jersey. Synthetic fabrics are not suitable for this cuddle cushion.

A 30 x 30 cm piece of fabric is required for both the front and the back of the cushion. Please indicate which fabric should be used for the front (with the lion’s paw print on the small cushion) and which should be use for the back (with the Cushico logo on the small cushion). This also applies if you want to combine your own fabric with one of the Cushico fabrics.

Materials used for the Cushico cuddle cushion:

Inner cushion: cotton cover filled with Comforel, a synthetic hollow fibre that is rolled into balls. The Comforel filling is hypoallergenic and retains its volume after washing.

Cushico fabric with strips and small lion’s paw prints: 100% ecological cotton poplin.
This fabric is GOTS* certified and digitally printed in the Netherlands.

Cushico fabric with logo and large lion’s paw print: ecological cotton canvas.
This fabric is GOTS certified and digitally printed in the Netherlands.

Cushico bag: ecological cotton canvas.
This fabric is GOTS certified and digitally printed in the Netherlands.

*GOTS =  Global Organic Textile Standard.
Read more at http://www.global-standard.org/

Care instructions:

The Cushico cuddle cushion and bag can be machine-washed at 40 degrees C using the anti-crease cycle. After washing, the cushion and bag should be laid flat to air dry outside.
The cuddle cushion and bag don’t want to be put in the tumble dryer and they don’t like being bleached. ;-)



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